• What We Do

Education & Training

We provide opportunities for the Christian community to engage in formal and informal training that applies biblical principles to cities and urban communities and equips them to be agents of change and regeneration. We run seminars and workshops as well as seek partnerships with Christian colleges to deliver accredited courses. Some examples are:

  • World Urban Campaign Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus

  • Participatory Action Research Workshop
  • “Mailboxes, Stucco and Graffiti: The Built Environment as Narrative,” a seminar on exegeting the community


Networking & Collaboration

We aim to create a movement within the Christian community that is passionate about working together to create flourishing cities and urban communities. We will do this through growing our membership base and partnering with other like minded organisations and networks.

Resources Development

We create and collect resources that help the Christian community engage meaningfully in cities and urban communities. These resources are stored in an accessible repository as well as disseminated through manuals, on our website and other means (journal and podcast).


We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research to be better informed and share on global trends that relate to our work and issues in cities.


We consult with and on behalf of the Christian community, helping to provide solutions to complex issues.


We hold events that reflect our culture and encourage people to grow in their ability to connect with cities and urban communities, giving them the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others of like heart and mind.