Who We Are

Urban Shalom Society (USS) is a collaborative movement of Christian organizations, practitioners, entrepreneurs, business owners, academics, and community leaders focused on being agents of God’s flourishing in cities, towns, neighborhoods, and villages.

USS members work with people from all social strata—from grassroots to grass tops. Its members also seek to have a positive influence on the deeper, “upstream,” and very complex spiritual, socio-cultural, economic, and political systems that shape human flourishing in cities, towns, neighborhoods, and villages.

We are passionate about seeing a greater expression of God’s Kingdom in cities and all places where people live, as expressed in the foundational document ∞The Gospel and the Future of Cities: A Call to Action.

Our Vision

A world where cities are characterised by communities living out God’s intended goodness for all dimensions of human life.

Our Mission

To support a movement that encourages the church to embrace and embody God’s shalom for the city; to equip members by providing training, resources, and opportunities to engage in strategic conversations and actions towards flourishing cities at both local and international leadership forums.

Our Values